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Made a mistake on your 1099s? eFiling Plus can help you fix those mistakes.

Most businesses and individual taxpayers worry about filing a 1099 correction form because the process is such a big hassle. You need to secure a 1099 correction form with the IRS, fill it out, send to the recipient then file the form again to the IRS — regardless of how big or small the mistake was on the form.

But not anymore as e-Filing Plus offers a streamlined method of filing your 1099 correction.

You can now easily correct your 1099 forms using the same exact filing process. Just simply log-in to your account and choose the 1099 form you want to correct, enter your data, click Add To Cart then Checkout. How simple is that? Upon receipt of your 1099 correction form, we will print and email the correction form to your designated recipient/s and to the IRS as well. You can also download the correction form from the site for a faster delivery.

We have corrections for other tax forms!

eFiling Plus also offer corrections for W-2, 1098, 1099-S, 1099-INT, 1099-DIV and 1099-MISC forms.

We also support forms that were filed elsewhere!

Want to file a correction form with us but filed the original form using another e-filing services? Don’t panic because we support 1099 corrections even it wasn’t originally filed with us. Just follow these 3 easy steps:

  • Create an account at https://efilingplus.efile1.com/General/SignUp.aspx
  • Add your designated recipient
  • Select “Correction Forms”
  • Submit your 1099 Correction Form then we’ll take care of the rest!


Fix your forms before it gets e-filed!

If you spotted an error on your file after submitting your form, you can amend any errors before we send out your forms to your recipients and file it with the IRS. Just simply click “Edit Data” to make the necessary changes.

Print, mail and electronically file your essential business tax forms with ease and confidence in no time at all.

Now you can process and file 1099 Corrections quickly and easily on eFilingPlus.com — even if you didn’t file the original form with us.

Start using eFilingPlus today!

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