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7 Most Common Tax Scams to Avoid


Tax filing season is the hunting time for scammers. While most of us are overtaken by the chore of filling and sending out forms during tax filing season, cunning con men are also busy planning how to steal your money. Each year, new schemes to hack personal and financial information are being devised by professional tax scammers.

Tax fraud proves to be a very lucrative criminal trade. According to the IRS, they have become aware of over 5,000 victims of tax scam who aggregately lost over $26.5 million dollars. No wonder, tax scamming continues to increase in scale and evolve to different schemes.

Nonetheless, experts assure taxpayers that with proper information and prudence, safe filing and paying taxes can be easy. Taxpayers should never fall prey to aggressive and threatening fraudsters. The IRS said, “Taxpayers have rights and should not be frightened into providing personal information or money to someone over the phone or in an email.” We urge taxpayers to help protect themselves from scams — old and new.”

Before everyone else, avoiding tax scams is firstly, the problem of taxpayers themselves. And awareness is a good start in responding to this problem.

In this infographic from eFiling Plus, the core and staple properties of different kinds of tax scams will be unfolded. By knowing how scammers operate their operandi, you will be more empowered to get rid of them.


7 Most Common Tax Scams to Avoid

With a good grasp of all these common tax scams, you have a better chance of spotting one and avoiding it. Indeed, this will prove that knowledge is power.

Have a safer tax filing this coming season!

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