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Beware of eMail Tax Scams

eMail Tax Scams

The IRS does not contact taxpayers thru email or over the phone.

If you received an email purporting to be the IRS and asking you for a payment, it is sure an email scam. A new strain of email scam that involves tax bills relating to Affordable Care Act (ACA) in 2014 is spreading across the country according to the IRS. Victims are told that they underreported their income relating to ACA in that year.

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What makes this email scam too crafty to avoid is that it includes an attachment of CP2000 forms and the vouchers are marked “105C”. The Wall Street Journal reported that an informed taxpayer must have noticed that the fake notice indicated a payment to be directed to a PO Box at the Austin Processing Center where there is no expansive IRS processing, and that the payee is named “IRS” instead of the correct “U.S Treasury”.

The IRS reminds taxpayers that the service does not:

  • Make phone calls to ask for credit and debit card numbers
  • Impose upon taxpayers a specific mode of payment
  • Officially communicate with taxpayers through email.
  • Threaten taxpayers who owe money

It is important to make immediate action when you receive email scams.

  • Do not open the email and never click any links or download any attachments as these may implant malicious software in your computer.
  • Forward the email to phishing@irs.gov

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