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8 Things Expat should know about Tax Filing

8 Things Every Expat Should Know About Tax Filing

Tax filing has officially ended last April 18. But if you are an expat or resident alien living and working overseas, you have until June 15 to comply with the IRS and file your taxes.   Most expats or resident aliens be under the impression that moving out of the US entails freedom from any […]
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ACA Employer Reporting

A Complete Guide to ACA Employer Reporting

What is ACA Employer Reporting? The Affordable Care Act employer reporting requires Applicable Large Employers and those who  employed 50 or more full-time and full-time equivalent employees in the previous calendar year to present reports to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) whether they provided the opportunity to enroll their full-time employees, as well as their […]
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New 2015 Tax Season

New 2015 Tax Season

New 2015 Tax Season: On your mark, get set, GO! It’s time to file. Let eFiling Plus help you get set and go – Updates, Upgrades and Everything you need to make this tax season a breeze. We’ve made our site even more user-friendly, efficient and secure...
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US Tax Filing Horrors

U.S. Tax Filing Horrors that You’d Want to Avoid

…plus tips on what you can do to avoid those pitfalls What You Should Know About Tax Filing Filing for tax is every citizen’s duty. Anyone who is a US citizen or married to a US citizen, has personal income (wages, salary, tips, social security, properties…
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Income Tax Filing Guide

Income Tax Filing Guide for Small Business and Self-Employed

Understanding Your Tax Forms Tax forms can be overwhelming to anyone, and the two most commonly known and utilized forms are Form W2 and Form 1099-MISC. Although there are instance that the two are frequently interchanged since both serve as information returns, they still differ on…
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Everything you need to know about Form 1099

Everything You Need to Know about Form 1099

Tax Filing season has officially begun. And with the wide array of tax forms pertinent for filing, it can get overwhelming. But the most complex of them all is Form 1099 because it has many different kinds used to report many different, specific kinds of income…
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