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IRS: e-File PIN Tool is No Longer Available

e-file PIN tool

The e-File PIN program tool is no longer available on IRS website and by toll-free phone according to the agency.

The drastic measure was a prudent decision for the IRS as threats and cyber attacks are becoming more frequent. Only few e-File PINs were affected however, by the attacks automated attacks.

In February this year, the agency was able to preclude an attack on the e-filing PIN tool. The attackers were allegedly able to use out-of-wallet information from a third party linked to stolen Social Security Numbers.

Used as a tool in protecting taxpayers when filing their tax returns electronically, the e-Filing PIN is generally not necessary for e-Filing. When using eFiling tools, taxpayers can use  their prior-year Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) from copies of their prior year tax returns to validate their signature.

The change only affects taxpayers who are yet to file their tax returns and needs to replace their e-File PIN.


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