How You Can Be Protected From Data Breach?

Data breaches and identity theft continue to threaten the digital world, which may leave people in doubt of the security of e-filing–considering that it involves storage of sensitive data, including Social Security numbers and Tax Identification Numbers.

When filing your tax forms online, it is important to never cut corners to prevent fraud and be protected from data theft. Also, in choosing an e-filing service, there are important information that you must validate.

How We Store Your Data

It is important to choose providers that use strong and end-to-end data encryption to avoid problems with data security.

e-Filing Plus, is a reputable provider that makes use of end-to-end online solution to eliminate the need to print and mail preprinted forms and to likewise avoid general confusion related with filing paper returns with the IRS or SSA.

Take Advantage of the Strongest Encryption Program

With e-Filing Plus, your data is encrypted with the strongest encryption program available, recommended by the federal government. The information you provide in our website is used for for the purpose of processing your forms. Your information is not shared with anyone unless required by law, even after you stop using our services.


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