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15 Essential Tips for a Trouble Free Tax Preparation

15 Essential Tips for a Trouble-Free Tax Preparation

The current year is nearing its end. This means receiving W-2s and sending out 1099 forms. In short, it is Tax Filing season again. With such a daunting task to do, it is important to take necessary preparation and planning for a stress-free tax filing. According to the IRS, filers spend an average of 16 […]
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Tax Filing Dates

Important Dates to Remember for Businesses and Individual Taxpayers, for Tax Year 2016

We are now counting the other half of the current calendar year, and soon enough before you realize, it would be tax season once more. There is no better way to start preparing for 2016’s tax filing season other than knowing the important dates to remember and abide with. Failing to file is a a […]
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