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1. Hassle-Free


You can save time and resources with electronic filing. You don’t have to buy or print forms; requires no stamps, and no need to gas up to drive your way to the Post Office. With its streamlined process, there is little probability that you will encounter an error when filing and if in case you made a mistake, correction of tax forms is also easy.


2. It’s Simple


The step-by-step process of electronic tax filing is super simple. From picking the right forms & entering your data to submitting the forms, we will help you every step of the way.


3. Accurate


Returns that are filed electronically has a staggering 99% accuracy rate compared to 20% accuracy of those filed on paper. eFiling Plus does all the calculations for you and we can determine whether you have missing data or if there’s any discrepancy on your forms. With efiling, the IRS automatically receives your information compared to paper files that can cause error when encoded by an IRS employee.


4. Faster


You get refunds immediately if you electronically file your returns. The IRS processes electronically filed returns within 48 hrs, within such period you may be notified whether your refunds are accepted or not. Also, you can get your refunds in less than 21 days, provided you sign up for direct deposit into your bank account.


5. Immediate Confirmation


Efiling spares you the long wait for the confirmation and rejection notice of your tax return. For efiling income returns, the IRS replies within 24 hrs while they reply within 48 hrs if you’re claiming a refund. In case you made a mistake, which rarely happens, you’ll receive notice within 24 hrs or so.


6. Safe and Secure


Efiling follows stringent security protocols to ensure that your personal and financial data are secured and guaranteed with confidentiality. It uses formidable security encryption technology to keep hackers and cyber criminals at bay.


Print, mail and electronically file your essential business tax forms with ease and confidence in no time at all.


Now you can process and file 1099 Corrections quickly and easily on eFilingPlus.com — even if you didn’t file the original form with us.

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